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Meikon Waterproof Diving Housing Case For Fujifilm X-T1(18-55 Lens) 40m/130ft


  • Protect your digital camera from scratches,dirts,water and etc.
  • Ideal for diving at sea,surfing,snorkeling,skiing,yacht or other actuvities.
  • Also suitable for rainy,snowy and etc environment.
  • Custom made to fit your digital camera perfectly.
  • Third Party Products,not made by Fujifilm.

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This waterproof case for Fuji X-T1 (18-55 lens) is suitable for taking photos or videos underwater up to 40 meters/ 130 ft, With proper size,you could operate it easily. Freely capture the underwater world when you are diving at holidays. Have fun! Meanwhile,this case could protect your camera well in the water. Worthy having,just buy it directly!

Before using the camera waterproof shell, please check whether the performance of the waterproof shell is good, if no sand and dust. In good waterproof and oil.  Have assemble the camera case, close the waterproof shell, infiltration of at least 200 mm deep water at least 5 minutes, make sure the waterproof shell don’t ooze water Cases. Will be equipped with camera waterproof shell into the water again.

Preventive measures:

1, the use of a large amount of fresh water (tap water or water) to thoroughly clean the outside of the waterproof shell. Water, 40 ° C above shall not be used for
As this may damage the waterproof shell.
2, if ever in seawater using waterproof shell, need longer time to clean. Suggestions into the water a few hours.
3, please make sure the waterproof shell have been into the water, containing waterproof shell safety lock device.
4, use soft cloth or tissue paper to gently dry water, avoid sand or dirt scratched equipment.
5, residual water can lead to equipment corrosion of metal parts, this will affect the button lock device, hinge and security.
6, use clean soft cloth to clean the equipment inside.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Waterproof case for Fuji X-T1 (18-55)
  • 1 x Neck strip
  • 1 x wrist rope
  • 1 x O-ring gasket
  • 1 x Cleaning Fluid
  • 1 x Use manual   (with package)


Brand New: High quality

Compatible Model: Fuji X-T1

Pattern: Waterproof case

Waterproof distance: Up to 40 meters/ 130ft

Material: Polycarbonate, ABS plastic,clear plate glass,stainless steel, EPDM rubber and etc

‘O’ ring seaed with spring loaded

1/4″ tripod screw on the bottom.

Brand Name: Meikon

Material: ABS

Package: Yes


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