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Professional Video Light LED-5010A Camera Spot Light for DSLR Camera and Video Camera


  • Multi-color temperature selection
  • Uniform illumination brightness
  • Wide operating voltage
  • Optional color temperature glasses
  • Movable light angle

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LED 5010A is the best lighting partner for a digital photographer or videographer. Compatible with all cameras using the standard hot shoe. Its changeable color temperature 5000-6000K makes it possible for your creative mind to set the light for that perfect shot. Ergonomically designed, this lightweight spot light utilizes LED that is ten times more powerful than tungsten lamps but at 15W of power consumption. Light/Luminous flux: 1050LX Correlated Colour Temp: 5500K-6500K Colour Rendering Index: 80 Battery Type: 6-8.4V 3600mAh Li-ion Battery Life: 30000H Max Power: 15W Working Voltage: 7.4V

  • The LED-5010A is a video light with a high-brightness white LED can cover up to 10 meters.
  • The video light can be set to two color tempreature.
  • A light connector adaptor is designed for any Video camera or SLR camera.The white LED has a long lifetime of about 30000 hours along with impact-resistant & weather resistant qualities and so requires almost no maintenance.


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